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[04/20/2012] The Message

The Message

[04/20/2012] The Challenge

The Challenge

[05/30/2010]  Recovered HD...

I recovered data from a crashed hard drive, and have the recordings and synth patches for the old U2 track and a few other things back.  I put the old U2 track up on my new SoundCloud account.  Maybe I will get around to finishing it someday.  :)

[08/26/2008]  Old stuff...
Re-uploading an old one here.  This is the demo I did using my  Alesis Andromeda A6 synthesizer a few summers ago.  I lost the master in a hard drive crash but might recover that lost data at some point...

This file is also available on:

[08/03/2008]:  The Hand That Feeds
Started work on a new mix.  This one is fairly unfinished, but here is a preliminary test mix.  The drums need some editing and variation.

The "24 Ghosts III" remix was posted today to, and is now available for streaming.  Awesome!!!  :)

My profile link is here.

[07/21/2008]: 24 Ghosts III...
I started working on a second remix and have made some good progress towards a final mix. Posting both unfinished tracks below.

[07/15/2008]: NIN Remixes
Getting settled into the new house in Paradise, California. We recently had a bunch of wildfires about a mile from the house, so hopefully that crap is over with for a while...

I recently picked up a new Alesis Micron synth and a Zoom H2 field recorder to add to the gear list; and some new remixes are in the works.

I've started working on some Nine Inch Nails tracks from Trent Reznor's Ghosts I-IV album, as well as some stuff from his recent album.

[04/04/2008]: Update...

I'm still alive... New music stuff coming soon hopefully!

[11/09/2007]: Site Move
I've removed my old site and switched over to using Google to host my mail and web pages.

I'm also moving to the Chico / Paradise area, so things are on hold for a while...